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Thursday, June 10, 2010

FANDANGO Catering Launches Latin Hors d'Oeuvres Menu

FANDANGO Catering has launched a new Latin hors d'oeuvres menu with cocktail foods from Latin America and Spain. As always, our hors d'oeuvres are made from scratch with local and seasonal ingredients.

Our new Latin Hors d'Oeuvres menu includes:

*Gazpacho Shooters (Spain)
*Sopa de aguacate y papa (Avocado Vichyssoise, Colombia)

*Mini Pizzas (Argentina):
-Mozzarella y tomate (mozzarella and tomato)
-Fugazza (caramelized onion and cheese)
-Jamón y queso (ham and cheese)
-Aceitunas, anchoas y huevo (olives, anchovies, and hard-boiled egg)
-Ananá (pineapple)

*Arrollados (Sweet and sour rollups of tomato, ham, cheese, tuna, and chimichurri spread, Argentina)
*Empanaditas (Mini Turnovers):
-Champiñones, queso y hierbas frescas (mushrooms, cheese, and fresh herbs in puff pastry, Spain)
-Picadillo (pie pastry, Argentina)
Tortilla Española (Potato Omelet, Spain)
*Tartaletas de choclo (Corn pudding tartlets, Argentina)
*Mini tortas (Combinations of meats, cheeses, refried beans, and poblanos on telera bread, Mexico)

*Marquesa de chocolate (Chocolate Mousse Shooters, Spain)
*Mousse de mango (Mango Mousse Shooters, Venezuela)
*Mini tartas de queso y lima (Baby Key Lime Cheesecakes, Mexico)
*Bizcochitos de chocolate y canela (Chocolate Cinnamon Mini Cakes with Citrus Cream Topping, Mexico)
*Alfajores (Dulce de leche Mini Sandwich Cookies, Argentina)

Our new Latin Hors d'Oeuvres menu is perfect for adding excitement to your cocktail parties and receptions this year--­¡Olé!

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Kristina Ríos de Lumbreras, Ph.D.
Partner, Director of Sales & Operations
(281) 796-9841

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